Adam Golinski

I'm a Machine Learning PhD student at the University of Oxford, interested mostly in probabilistic programming and inference.
I'm supervised by Tom Rainforth,
Frank Wood and Yee Whye Teh.

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My research

Some undergraduate hackathon projects (repo) (challengepost) is a project I developed for YHack 2014, built in 36 hours.
It's a service for Yo application. We used Yo, Facebook, MongoDB APIs and Flask backend.
In terms fo design we've put much attention to adhere to Yo design concepts - we've created a simple UI, never requiring user to choose from more than two options.
YoLunch.Me helps stay in touch with your friends by connecting you at the just the right time. Simply if you have spare time to go to lunch, but there are no friends around just send a Yo to YoLunchMe and we'll contact your friends who are looking for someone to go out with at the same time (they've Yo'ed us during the past 15 minutes) and are no further than a mile from you.


Project I developed for Biobot Challenge during Innovative Learning Week 2014 at the University of Edinburgh.
My main contribution was remote control software for both computer and microcontroller sides. We've used a great XboxController library to use Xbox 360 controller as our remote with server set up on a PC and interacting with onboard Arduino through a bluetooth connection.
The robot was equipped with a camera that enabled us to take snapshots of it's current field of view and tranfer them to the computer in real time - check the last photo below.